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reba mcentire - heart

(jack conrad, pamela philips)just when i thought that it never could happen to mehe touched me and feelings that never have stirred in meever like ... Full story

reba mcentire - he broke your memory last night

(dickey lee, bucky jones)like a rare piece of crystallike a fine china cupi kept your memory all safely locked upafraid i could never love somebody ... Full story

reba mcentire - he´s only everything

in the eyes of the world he´s only an ordinary manbut there´s a million and one things the eyes of the world never seehe may ... Full story

reba mcentire - hold on

(m. mueller)hold on cause this feels just like a first lovethere´s no way to rehearse lovewe´ll just learn as we goi know you can see ... Full story

reba mcentire - good friends

(c. gantry, l. chera)feeling one another´s joy and sorrowdreams today may come true tomorrowgood friendsclose together like they´re bookendsfeeling what the other one is feelingthey ... Full story

reba mcentire - gonna love ya (till the cows come home)

(r. carnes, s. drake)chorus:gonna love ya till the cows come homegonna love ya baby all night longgonna love ya lordy me oh mygonna love ya ... Full story

reba mcentire - have i got a deal for you

(michael p. heeney, jackson leap)well you look like the kind who´s got an eye for a bargaina kind of guy who likes to shop aroundwell ... Full story

reba mcentire - heart hush

(brett jones)his head turned and my heart jumped. when i saw that it was him.after two long years the love of my life. and i ... Full story

reba mcentire - happy birthday jesus

(i´ll open this one for you)(arranged by reba mcentire)now kids hang on just a second before we startyou know there´s a reason we are all ... Full story

reba mcentire - he´s in dallas

(donny kees, richard ross, johnny macrae)he said i´ll make your dreams come true in texasand he captured my appalachian hearti was so naive that i ... Full story

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